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Senast uppdaterat 2017-05-22


IP Food is a quality assurance standard for food safety, product and process quality of food producers.

The standard was launched in 2008 and more than 1200 certificates have been granted since then. The Standard is owned by the Sigill Kvalitetssystem AB which is an affiliate to the Federation of Swedish Farmers.

Production requirements

IP Food covers food safety and the management of product quality in food processing and packing, storage, wholesale and trading companies. IP Food requirements come in two sections:

  • Prerequisite programs:
    Staff training and hygiene, condition of premises and equipment, routines for cleaning, waste management and pest control, water quality control, routines for storage and handling of food, management of possible allergens, incoming/outgoing goods and transport routines, labeling, traceability and recall routines, routines for dealing with non-conformities and complaints.
  • HACCP-system
    HACCP management i.e. hazard analysis, risk assessment and HACCP-plan verification and validation including internal audits.


The production requirements are based on EU and Swedish legislation regarding hygiene and food safety. The production requirements are non-specific and the standard can be applied in many different types of food producers such as processing, packing, storage and distribution, wholesale and trading companies. IP Food standard is developed in cooperation with a Swedish stakeholder group made up of food producers, retailers, NGO´s and certification body representatives.


Third party audits

IP Food is a third party certification system where the annual external audits are performed by independent certification bodies accredited by SWEDAC (Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment). On site audits are carried out every other year with advance notice being given. The audit includes inspection of documentation and the production process and is executed together with representatives from the company. The auditors check if the company is adhering to the production requirements and records any non-conformity. The non-conformities must be addressed before a certificate is issued. During the year between scheduled audits a random sample of 10% of the companies are audited after advance notice.


Self monitoring

The IP Food certified companies carry out an annual self assessment procedure following the IPE self monitoring online checklist which is then received and registered by the certification body.